Why do we live here?


One of the big reasons Chari, Yvette and I love living in metro Charleston is the beaches

The Isle of Palms is home to permanent residents, folks who live their part time to escape the cold in the winter and tourists too.  The easiest way to get there is over the Isle of Palms connector opened in 1993. Prior to that the only access was by boat or the Sullivan’s Island swing bridge. Unlike many other "resort" cities most of the beach is public and easily accessible.   There is a public parking area with great facilities and a playground for children. 

The two islands are separated by Breach Inlet.  The currents are extremely strong here so beware if you want to attempt swimming. A fixed span bridge extends over the inlet and many days you will see people fishing

The bridge to Sullivan’s Island is called the Ben Sawyer Bridge because it is an extension of that street.  It swings open to allow boats that are too tall for the closed structure.  A rehabilitation of the bridge was completed in 2010.  Sullivan’s Island is mostly private homes and rentals are extremely limited.  Good restaurants and shops too. Poe’s Tavern with its Edgar Allan Poe theme is very popular for such house specialties as fish tacos.  It’s the first place my children want to go when they visit. Home Team Barbecue is owned by some friends of Chari and they cater large and small events in addition to serving at their restaurant.  Good wings at Dunleavy’s that are not fried and lots of popcorn.

Planning a trip south or a local resident?  Email us and we’ll answer any questions about where to eat, where to stay and sites to see.