Welcome 2017!

Real Estate

As we approach 2017, I/we hope many of you will become regular readers of our blog.  This coming year there will be tips for buying and selling, but also glimpses into our lives as Realtors®.

What do we do all day when we are not with clients?

How do we prepare to show clients property?

How do Chari and I divide our job responsibilities?

When do I hit myself in the head and say, “sloppy real estate”?

We will show you humor and sadness, work and play and the 2 mixed together.

What do we earn…yes that is what many people wonder and what do we spend?


So here goes. Let’s get through Christmas and Chanukah and then the fun will begin.  (I am Jewish while Chari, her family and mine are not.  See, personal information already.)