We lost a member of our team...


We, as Realtors, form special relationships with our clients ~ buyers and sellers alike.  We develop a mutual trust.  We listen to the stories and reasons why they are selling and/or moving, whether happy or sad ~ and our goal is to always do our best for them.  Our clients become our family and this is why we love what we do. 

As a member of our family of past, present and future clients, we'd like to share with you that this month our team has lost its biggest cheerleader.  Mark Schwarb was our silent partner, but never kept quiet when it came to advising us on how to run our business like a business, and be most productive and successful for our clients.  

We dedicate this month's newsletter to Mark's memory.  We will miss him, and you can be assured that his influence will remain ever present as we keep doing what we do best .... We Make House Calls.