Is that all there is?


Is that all there is?  Are any of you old enough to remember that old song Peggy Lee sang?  In the song, she talks about her life and says is this all there is to life? She says she will keep on dancing anyway.

Chari and I see so many of our clients and friends becoming real estate agents.  I’ll bet they are saying, “Is that all there is? This is so easy is that all there is to it?”  When the closing is smooth as silk and there are no inspection issues, the house appraises and the buyer and seller walk away happy it’s very easy to say that.  When the house has a wet crawl space, the floors are cupping, (That means the hardwood flooring is not flat.) termites are eating the framing, the buyer still wants it and the seller thinks repairs are too costly will these new agents know what to do?   Or, and this has happened to us, the buyer gets to the closing table and the seller says, “My home value has increased since we signed this contract so I’m not selling.”  Oops, what do you do now?

With over 25 years of experience, there isn’t much our team hasn’t seen or dealt with.   We love what we do and solving problems is part of that.  We will keep on dancing as long as there is a seller needing to sell and a buyer needing to buy.