Glass half full?


When a door closes a window opens.

Make lemonade from lemons.

Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person?  All three of us are glass half full Realtors.  We strongly believe the client is always right. It’s our job to find you a home or sell one and sometimes both. Often our clients become friends, or we work with our friends.  

Much to our dismay, occasionally a home doesn’t sell.  It was priced too high or was not up to today’s standards.  Once in a while a buyer doesn’t buy. The buyer couldn’t find a home so stayed where they were, or their new job didn’t work out.  No matter what the reason for anything we take it in stride, smile and move on. 

We work all day, 7 days a week.  Our phones are never off, ask our families.  We want to give the best service possible.  From paying to have a stager evaluate and give advice before you list to bringing in a cleaner to clean after you move out.  We will make a coffee stop as we start on a day of showing homes and keep you fortified with snacks and drinks as the search continues. We try hard to show our clients we appreciate their business. 

If there is something we can do for you let us know. We will bring you lemonade and open all your windows to the world of real estate.

Yvette, Franne, and Chari